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Wish I had an angel

for one moment of love

30 July
Wow, K, let's see here. I am in the Air Force. I work on computer networks (fuck ya'll I am a geek and DAMN proud of it). I have a wonderful fiance who I loveseses with all my heart. I am a cosplayer (mainly FF stuff, but am getting into anime things too). I love all kinds of food. My favorite vacation spot is Vencise, Italy. Johnny Depp is damn fine. I love 80s music. I have several characters on World of Warcraft. I <3 my lvl 70 combat rogue, and my 28 blood elf paly. I have friends in different countries, and I miss them. Bon Jovi will have my babies one day, cuz he is fucking sexahie! I am very social. AND I LOVE SERVING IN THE AIR FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!